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Paint Ceramics in Our Studio

Paint Ready-made Bisque (sessions for adults and/or children)

We have a wide selection of ready made 'blank' bisque pieces for you to enjoy painting and decorating. You select the item you would like to paint from our shelves. Each item is individually priced, and there are no additional studio or firing fees or other hidden costs. Our most popular items are priced from £18 -£28, for example a small cereal bowl is £19. A side plate £22 and dinner plate £24, large cereal bowl £23, salad/fruit bowl £25-£28, children figuerines and party animals around £18, mugs £19-22 depending on shape and size. Big platters, tall vases, tea pots, large water jugs cost more .

You paint it, we glaze it and fire it in our kiln on the premises and you can pick it up about a week later. Our experienced staff are ready to assist with any ideas and suggestions that may aid your creativity!

Book Now

 Please call us to book between 12-6pm on: 0203 441 8787

Saturday time slots: 10am; 12:00pm, 2:15 and 4:00

Wednesday-Friday time slots: 12:30pm; and 3:30 pm 

painting bisque
painting bisque
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