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Handbuilding – Sgrafitto Tester Session

This is a great introduction to handbuilding pottery with a creative decorating finish – Sgrafitto.

Learn pottery techniques whilst having fun!


  • Build two pots

  • Paint them with one of our 5 slip colours.

  • When dry, scratch away showing the white clay underneath and creating great pots from the start.

Yes we are throwing you in the deep end for a beginner taster session but this one can be managed and the results will be great for you.

Bring a friend and spend two hours which will fly by so fast making and deceorating with sgrafitto. BYOB and make a whole night out ot it.

We will fire two pots for you and will be ready to pick up two weeks later from the date of your visit.

Have a go and find out if you will love working with clay.


Price £49

We provide all the clay , equipment, galzing and firing.

Thursday, 26th March, 7–9 pm (Book now)

Thursday, 2nd April, 7–9pm (Book now)

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