We Can All be Clay Mates

We are open to all and aim to be as inclusive as possible. We collaborate with nearby schools, nurseries and playgroups, local artistic and other neighbourhood projects, public health, voluntary and charitable services, to help involve the whole community including those who are often isolated from or unable to access the activities that we offer.

We are a not-for-profit community interest community (C.I.C.) aiming to offer low rates to the community. We  also try to work to your budget, so please do not hesitate to discuss with us where finances are an issue. 

We also love sharing our facilities with local schools, groups and organisations. Our potters can visit you, you can come to our premises, or a combination of both!

Community is at the heart of Clay Time and we are proud to have been involved in the following activities with local schools. Below are some of our highlights from the last couple of years. 

Highlights 2018

We had a great time with pupils from Parkwood Primary and Mentem Primary who popped by the studio to paint some ceramics. We fired all the ceramics for the pupils to take home - 143 in total, one for each pupil!

We helped 30 Year 5 students bring their project on Mayan Civilisation to life. Each pupil made two pots each in the Mayan style.

We also hosted 42 Highbury Fields Sixth Form students who learnt to build and glaze their own pots.

Highlights 2017

We helped the Gillespie Primary School Year 5 pupils & teachers with their Vikings & Anglo-Saxons pottery project. Pupils attended Clay Time on two separate days to learn how to make traditional-style clay pots, which we fired in our kiln, before returning the next day to paint them with Viking motifs and insignia.

The local City & Islington College staff & students visited us to learn about ceramics and pottery and to have a go!

Islington Council Children's Services staff & service users visited us to enjoy the clay experience as part of their activities program.

We ran activities together with local charities including the Amberliegh Children's Charity (see separate Charities page).

We had a reciprocal link with

Schools Summer Fairs

Clay Time has been bringing the art of pottery to local school children at their summer fairs:

In 2018, we brought our potters' wheels along to five different school summer fairs (Gillespie Primary, Shacklewell Primary, Joan of Arc Primary, New End School, and Ambler Primary School) with over 130 children making their own pots. We fired & glazed the pots, which they were then able to bring home!

In 2017, we held a stall at the Joan of Arc Primary School's summer fete where pupils painted dozens of our ceramic tiles that we then glazed and fired at our studio. At Parkwood Primary and Collingham Gardens Nursery we provided clay and paint sessions as prizes.