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Decorating and Glazing Course

This is a decorating and glazing course that will concentrate on these finishing techniques. An extensive range of  of sprig moulds will be used to enhance the decorating of pots. Sprigs are detailed decorative pieces of clay made using a small plaster press mould. They are added to a ceramic work at the leather hard stage.

This course will not teach you to make pots per se but it concentrates on finishing the forms. Participants will either hand build or throw a vessel on the wheel.

There will be a total of 4 classes over 4 weeks. Each class will be two hours.


The course outline


Week 1 – You will make the clay forms with help from instructor. You will be shown sample tiles of what can be achieved on the course regarding the glazing, spriging and decorating .


Week 2 – You will trim and clean the pots and will be introduced to sprig moulds .  Hand build pieces can be worked on further and finished.

Week 3 – Sprigging using a large selection of sprig moulds. Slip trailing, carving and resist techniques.

Week 4 – Painting with glazes, oxides and glazing the fired pieces. 4 pieces are included in the price.

Price £162       


This is inclusive of all material, glazing and firing

Clay Time's 4-week Decorating and Glazing course will run on the following dates:

Course 121 – 8th March  2019 – 29th March, Friday evening, 7–9 pm (Book now)

Cancellation Policy

A full refund can only be given within 14 days from the initial date of booking. You can reschedule your class provided we are given at least 7 days notice before the class. Regrettably, we are unable to change any bookings if LESS than 7 days notice is given.

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