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Moving Hearts London

This event took place in March 2018 culminating in a procession from King's College to the Migration Museum, see more in this video:


The event was a great success, see BBC news report here:

Clay Time was supporting Moving Hearts by supplying clay, firing hearts and hosting workshops.

Moving Hearts Workshops

Has Brexit broken Britain's heart? Current debates about migration often focus on the divide between those with and those without a right to belong. It is easy to forget the hearts we have in common. Moving Hearts invites you to help make 1000 clay human hearts in 20 FREE workshops held across London between 25 February and 18 March. 

Workshops are being held on weekends, weekdays and week nights. Register now at: EventBrite

Join Australian artist Penny Ryan

Workshops will be facilitated by Penny Ryan, who will show you how to make a human heart in clay in six steps (so no experience is needed). Each heart will be unique, and all 1000 will be fired and be part of an installation at the Migration Museum in Lambeth on 24 March.  

More About the Workshops

Moving Hearts is a collaborative art and research project led by Professor Anna Reading from King's College. Each workshop has a maximum of 20 people and last for 2.5 hours. While workshops will focus on making the hearts (both fun and challenging) there will also be an opportunity to share your thinking about how we are connected to people caught up in the current immigration crisis. 

Members of the research team at King's College will participate to hear the range of views and experiences shared, contributing to their research on 'belonging'. This research has Ethics Approval MR/17/18-207.

Moving Hearts builds on the Connecting Hearts Project which involved more than 2500 people in Australia during 2016 and 2017.

Workshop Locations and Dates

North London – at Clay Time

  1. 25 February (Sunday) 10.30–13.00 

  2. 25 February (Sunday) 14.00–16.30

South London – at Telegraph Hill Centre

  1. 13 March (Tuesday) 13.30–16.00

  2. 16 March (Friday) 19.00–21.30

Central London – at Strand Campus, King's College London

  1. 28 February (Wednesday) 16.00–18.30

  2. 28 February (Wednesday) 19.00–21.30

  3. 1 March (Thursday) 19.00–21.30

  4. 7 March (Wednesday) 9.00–11.30

South London – at the Migration Museum Project

  1. 3 March (Saturday) 10.30–13.00

  2. 3 March (Saturday) 14.00–16.30

  3. 5 March (Monday) 19.00–21.30

  4. 6 March (Tuesday) 10.00–12.30

  5. 6 March (Tuesday) 19.00–21.30

  6. 10 March (Saturday) 10.00–12.30

  7. 10 March (Saturday) 14.00–16.30

  8. 12 March (Monday) 19.00–21.30

  9. 17 March (Saturday) 10.30–13.00

  10. 17 March (Saturday) 14.00–16.30

Can't Make a Workshop? Join the Heart Procession and/or attend the Heart Installation. A procession carrying the fired hearts from King's College to the Migration Museum in Lambeth will take place on Saturday 24 March at 10.30. At the Museum the hearts will be installed and the public invited to interact with the hearts and record their own response to the issue of immigration and belonging. 

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