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Parties for Adults

Our pottery studio in Highbury, North London, is available for hire for pottery parties, team days, group bookings, hen parties and Christmas work parties. Or a group of friends that want to enjoy pottery painting or clay making exclusively. There are  three options: 

  • A painting only party (painting our pre-made pottery pieces)

  • Handbuild from raw clay your own pot and paint it , 'All In One'

  • Potter's wheel throwing party, each person has a wheel and have a go for 2 hours at making some pottery.

Option 1. Pottery Painting Party

This is a great way celebrate an occasion with friends and keep lovely ceramics that you made forever. Or get togather over a relaxing and creative activity to chat, catch up and de-stress.

Each person chooses to paint an item from our large selection of bisque pottery. We show you how to use the paints and glazes and leave you to create your masterpieces.

We have two choices available for pottery painting parties: either book a table or the whole studio.

Whole Studio

Choose to book the whole studio and you can really make it your own party and BYOB, bring nibles/fingure food and music!

Price: £36/person (groups of min 10 and  max 25)

Price includes glazes, painting materials, staff assistance and kiln firing costs. BYOB, your own nibles and music.

Book a table

If you want to come to paint alone or with a few friends call us and book a table to paint pottery , you can choose from the same large range of items. Each item is individually priced and you pay for what you paint. The prices marked on the items are the final price to pay. You cannot BYOB or music as others will be in the studio

Price: Pay for what you paint

The average spend is between £18 and £28 depending on the ceramic item you choose. This includes glazes, paints materials, staff assistance and kiln firing costs.


Option 2.  All-in-one AIO Pottery Party.

This is the most popular, fitting and fun party for beginners.

What happens at a Clay Time All-in-one party?

The party lasts two hours. Each person hand builds a pot and then paints it whilst green/wet 'raw glazed'. These creations are unique and personal in the design of the pot, any aditions to it and the way each idividual choses to decorate it. Three weeks later you can pick up your glazed and fired creations. A very satisfying and hand on clay party.

If you choose to take over the whole studio, you can BYOB, nibbles, music...

Price: £49 per person  (Minimum 10 and Maximum 20)

Price covers all costs, including throwing on the wheel, hand building, painting, glazing and firing.


Option 3. Pottery Wheel Throwing Party

What happens at an adult's Clay Time Wheel throwing party?

The party lasts two hours. This is a wheel throwing party ( meaning a wheel throwing class really but you get to indulge in a muddy prosecco cup if you like!). Or just keep it as a class and have fun with your friends.

Each person will have their own wheel. You will spend all your time on the wheels throwing as many items as you like, all with the help of our experienced potters. At the end of the two hours you can choose two of your best pots for us to fire and glaze for you in colours of your choosing . Then you can pick up all your creations ready after 3 weeks.

Price: £67 per person

Price covers costs of throwing on the wheels, painting, glazing and firing. You can BYOB, nibbles and music.

We can also bring these parties to your workplace or other venues at an extra cost. Please contact us for details.


Our studio space is also available for hire for hen parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties, team building days, and any other type of party.

Cancellation Policy

A full refund of deposit can only be given within 14 days from the initial date of booking.You can reschedule your class/party provided we are given at least 7 days notice before the class.

Regrettably, we are unable to change any bookings if LESS than 7 days notice is given.

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