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The Well Walk Pottery - Hampstead

Beginners' 5 Weeks courses

These courses celebrate the revival of Well Walk Pottery. We will make work using the methods, materials and equipment used by Christopher Magarshack, who ran this pottery for over 50 years.  We hope that the calm environment of his studio space and his original equipment will nurture new creativity, respectful of his dedication to pottery.  Classes are small - no more than 5 students.

5 Week Course, Introduction to pottery techniques ,Tuesday afternoons 1-3pm .

During the course you will be given guidance in relation to different projects. This will include detailed teaching in relation to how to make pinched, coiled and slab built forms, and how to use these techniques to make a vase. Demonstrations will be given on how to use a potter’s wheel and you will be able to use the wheel to make your own bowl, under guidance as required. You will be shown surface decoration and painting/glazing techniques before applying them to the forms you have created. Your finished pieces will be fired in our kiln for you to collect and take home after the course has finished. please see the course outline beow .

Course 83 - 25th September  2018 - 23rd October 2018  Tuesday AFTERNOON 1:00- 3:00 pm

(Fully Booked)

Course 98 - 6th November  2018 - 4th December 2018  Tuesday AFTERNOON 1:00- 3:00 pm

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Price £285

Price includes all materials, tuition, glazing and firing.

Beginner’s course outline:

Week 1 – Pinch pots and coil building

Health and safety information, course overview and house rules. Introduction to clay and ceramics: what is clay and where does it come from? Students will be shown how to pinch and coil clay and then use these techniques to make a small vessel.

Week 2 – Introduction to the wheel and slab building

Demonstration on centering and throwing clay on the potter’s wheel. Students will design and start their main project – a vase or vessel  up to 25x25cm in size.

Week 3  – Throwing and project work

Centering and throwing a bowl on the potter’s wheel.  Hand-building the main project vase.

Week 4 –  Finishing project work; decorating and trimming

Finishing all project work including trimming the wheel thrown pots, using coloured slips to decorate your finished work, experimenting with mark making and texture. We will fire the best  3 pieces from what you made. If you want to fire more you can at an extra surcharge.

Week 5 - Glazing   

 Your pieces now have been fired and  there will be an introduction to glazes.

Glazing final pieces including : under glazes, glazes, crystal glazes and some oxides

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