The Well Walk Pottery


The Well Walk Pottery is sadly permanently 'shut' now after the building has been sold. The are plans  by the new owners to turn it into a puppet theatre . Good luck . Clay Time enjoyed our stay and work at the pottery . We would like to thank the local community for their kindness and support.  We will publish a report about our times and works in the pottery before June 2019 .

We are running a full complement of courses and activities from our Studio in Islington as usual, if you feel the urge to do more pottery and clay art please visit us there.

 Clay Time worked to re-open the Well Walk Pottery and in the first three weekends of December 2017 , 'Encounters' our first foray was a great success. Throughout Encounters' open studio, exhibition and sale we shared the charm of the Well Walk Pottery with the community .  We are touched by the warm reception, kindness and generosity of all the visitors. We love to build on this by offering a few activities  to help revive, maintain and run this essential space in Hampstead. We look forward to your support and participation.                                                                                   

The plan

  •  The shop  will be open to the public every weekend from 27th January 2018.

  • Courses and classes will be offered on the weekends and Tuesdays only . Please see Courses here.

  • On Saturday afternoon there will be a taster pottery sessions 12-5pm. See more details

  • A resident potter will work in the studio on non course days for the first six months

  • otters will offer various workshops to share their expertise and techniques with participants

  • A separate website is being developed for the Well Walk Pottery

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