The Well Walk Pottery 

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The Well Walk Pottery is a charming old pottery studio in Hampstead. Clay Time has revived it and brought it back to life. We opened to the public on 2nd December 2017 with an exhibition of Pots made by Clay Time potters and many local  London upcoming ceramic artists and potters. 'Storm in a tea cup' an exhibition of protest pots was made at Well Walk Pottery and went on show in June and July 2018 with many pots sold and part of the proceeds donated to charity. 'Summer Blues' is another exhibition of mainly vases that were made over the hot summer at Well Walk and that will go on show in October 2018 .

Some of the original works of Christopher Magarshack, the potter who worked at the Well Walk Pottery for decades, had a special feature. Also, pieces that were made some years ago and just been fired has been exhibitted. 

Clay Time staff continued to teach, make and update the Well Walk Pottery until August 2018.  Further Wheel throwing courses on Tuesdays and Thursday as well as drop in session on Saturday were conducted.

The Well Walk Pottery is now closed for holiday and will open again to the public from 15th September 2018.

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